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Elise Ballegeer WOMEN: Kristen Jensen

Jensen in the Tied Jumpsuit with her work "Lighter, Later" - approximately 80" x 80", 2015-2017, wool and wool blend fabric from clothing, cotton, and stoneware. Welcome to our new installment Elise Ballegeer WOMEN, where we feature inspiring independent women around us who embody the Elise Ballegeer ethos. First up is artist Kristen Jensen who recently had a solo show at MILLER contemporary in the LES. Below is our Q&A concerning her art, personal style and pivotal career moments. Kristen Jensen, Knot I and Knot II, 5”x7”, 2017, silver gelatin print mounted to aluminum. Can you share a little bit about your background — where you are from, and what your childhood was like. I moved around quite a bit growing up, living 4-5 years...

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